2011 Lecture Series

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“Justice Most Local: The Truth about Town and Village Courts”
Hon. James P. Murphy
Justice, Onondaga County Supreme Court

“At the Crossroads of Federalism”
Hon. Thomas Buckel
County Legislator, Onondaga County
Partner, Hancock Estabrook, LLP

“How Copyright Law is Killing the News Business and What to Do About It”
David Marburger
Partner, Baker Hostetler, LLP

“Blue or Red: An Inside Look at the Politics of the Supreme Court”
David Weisenfeld
Editor-in-Chief, LAWCAST

“Our Societal Panic: Why Our Tax and Economic Debates are Irrational”
David Cay Johnston
Distinguished Visiting Lecturer, Syracuse University College of Law, Whitman School of Management, Syracuse University

“In the Court of Public Opinion: Strategy and Ethics in High-Profile Litigation”
James F. Haggerty
President and CEO, The PR Consulting Group, Inc.

“Supreme Court Reporting: What’s Changed in Coverage, and Why It May Matter”
Dahlia Lithwick
Senior Editor, Slate.com