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IJPM Director in Teen Vogue

So You Read That Scandalous Report About Donald Trump and Russia — Now What?

Buzzfeed published the unverified dossier on President-Elect Donald Trump, stirring up a larger ethics debate. IJPM Director Bybee discusses the implications for free speech and a free press.

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Spring 2017 Course Syllabus Now Available

The Spring 2017 Course Syllabus is now available HERE.








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IJPM Welcomes New Faculty Fellow Nina Iacono Brown


The Institute for the Study of the Judiciary, Politics, and the Media proudly welcomes Professor Nina Iacono Brown as our newest Faculty Fellow.

Nina Brown is an assistant professor at the Newhouse School. Brown teaches courses in communications and media law to Newhouse...Read More »

Is Civility Dead?

A roundtable discussion of IJPM Director Bybee’s new book, How Civility Works.

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IJPM Director Publishes New Book

Is civility dead? Americans ask this question every election season, but their concern is hardly limited to political campaigns. Doubts about civility regularly arise in just about every aspect of American public life. Rudeness runs rampant. Our news media is saturated with aggressive bluster and vitriol. Our digital platforms teem...Read More »

IJPM Director Named ACC Distinguished Lecturer

IJPM Director Keith J. Bybee has been selected as Syracuse University’s ACC Distinguished Lecturer for the 2016-17 academic year. More details here.

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Why Manners Matter: Politics, Pretense, and Donald Trump

IJPM Director Keith Bybee posted a piece on Donald Trump and good manners to the Stanford University Press blog in advance of the publication of Bybee’s new book, How Civility Matters.

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